Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dad's War by Gord Collett

 There must have been hundreds (if not, thousands) of books written about World War Two by all kinds of writers - Generals, Admirals , Statesmen, Politicians, Historians and Veterans. Most of these have been carefully researched - with details carefully checked - telling about tactics,, international co-operation (or lack of it!!) and adventurous tales of bravery and sacrifice and heroes and stuff.

Please note - if anyone should be looking at this and wanting some reading about any of the above - don’t waste your time and read any further - there is none of that here!! I suggest you go to the Library - they have shelves full of what you want. This is just a lot of disjointed memories that come to mind when I sit back and day dream of days long gone - of people and places and things that wander through my mind. If anyone should read this and disagree with any of the details - you’ll get no argument from me about specific places, or dates or names - it all happened a half a century ago.

Anyway, this is the way I remember it . . .

C. G. C.

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