Friday, September 2, 2011

Canadian Army Overseas Honours and Awards Citation Details

Pickstock, Frederick James, L/Cpl, BEM 1 Cdn AGRA Sig Sec

Kimmel, Walter Carl, Cpl, Croix de guerre with bronze star 1 Cdn Air Support Signals

On 15 Aug 44 at HQ 7th Cdn Bde Cpl Kimmel was engaged in operating the ASSU set for Visual Command post. When the RAF were bombing the area in error, a considerable number of bombs were landing in the ‘vicinity of Cpl Kimmel’s vehicle. Casualties were mounting and Cpl Kimmel sent his detachment personnel to their slit trench and stayed at the set, sending messages back to Group Control Centre in an effort to halt the bombing. As a result of these msgs, the necessary action was taken to warn off the last flight of Bombers  Cpl Kimme1 displayed remarkable courage and devotion to duty.

Hurdle, Harold Lance, Maj, OBE 1 Cdn Armd Bde Sigs

Moore, William Leonard, Cpl, BEM 1 Cdn Armd Bde Sigs

Plumb, Wilfred Norman, L/Sgt, BEM 1 Cdn Armd Bde Sigs

Willis, John William, Sgt, BEM 1 Cdn Armd Bde Sigs

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