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Royal Canadian Corps of Signals RADAR specialists in Britain

Extract: In the summer of 1940, the British were concerned with the lack of experienced electronic maintenance personnel to be employed on the radio defence systems being deployed throughout the British Isles. The War Office sent a letter to Canadian Military Headquarters (CMHQ) at Trafalgar Square on 22 Nov 1940, mentioning the great shortage of trained men in the United Kingdom for employment in Radiolocation and Radio Direction Finding work in all three services. It mentioned at a recent meeting of the Falmouth Sub Committee on Wireless Personnel, that "possibly a number of officers and other ranks might be obtained from the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. During the next month, exploratory communication was initiated ... resulting in Canada lending 22 members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals to the GOC-in-C of Anti-Aircraft Command of the British Army. They would not return to the Canadian army until late in 1942, and in some cases early 1943, when they were taken into 1 Canadian Radio Location Unit. No1 CRLU was disbanded in 1943, as not required due to the lack of enemy air activity. ... The list of Royal Canadian Corps of Signals personnel who were selected for this special work is as follows:
Captain E.R. (Happy) Gill (1 Cdn Div Sigs)
Lieutenant L.G. (Guy) Eon (2 Cdn Div Sigs)
Lieutenant J.D, (Doug) Bourne (7 Corps Sigs)
Anderson G. Signalman M-10148 (2 Div Sigs)
Brockman E.G. (George) Signalman M-10119 (2 Div Sigs)
Bumby A. A. (Al) Signalman B-34526 (1 Corps Sigs)
Diwell H.A. (Harry) Signalman B-33250 (1 Corps Sigs)
Epp C.A. (Carl) A/Cpl L-26029 (1 Corps Sigs)
Grainger G.E. (Mike) Signalman n P-40322 (2 Div Sigs)
Harris C.L. (Charlie) Cpl A-2125 (1 Div Sigs)
Kieffer R Signalman D-21064 (1 Div Sigs)
Kraemer K.E. (Ken) Signalman D-24224 (2 Div Sigs)
Mantle F.A. (Frank) Signalman K-34040 (1 Corps Sigs)
Mauza A. (Tony) Signalman M-9051 (1 Corps Sigs)
Mowbray W.T. (Bill) A/Cpl M-9024 (1 Corps Sigs)
Naylor C.R. (Ralph) Signalman L-20017 (1 Corps Sigs)
Park A. (Andy) L/Cpl M-7213 (2 Div Sigs)
Robinson M.R. (Russ or Robbie) Signalman P-40319 (2 Div Sigs)
Staufer W.J. (Johnny) Signalman A-2220 (1 Div Sigs)
Taylor G.F. (Gord) Signalman K-34053 (1 Corps Sigs)
Twells T.G. (Geoff) Signalman A-2123 (1 Div Sigs)
Willing W.R. (Bud) Signalman P-40259 (1 Div Sigs)

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