Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bill Biggs

"At age 17 I joined the RCCS in Toronto in January 1942. After medical and being outfitted and spending a few weeks at the Horse Palace at the CNE I was sent to North Bay, Ont for Basic Training. A few months there and then to Vimy Barracks at Kingston, Ont for advanced and Wireless Operator Training. The advanced part was the early morning rises and doing the obstacle course before breakfast. Then drill, drill, drill, both on the square and in the class room. Finally passed and moved across the road to Barriefield into tented camp posted to 6th Light Anti-aircraft Unit. Then weeks of waiting until around 2 AM one day all Hell broke loose and we were uprooted, marched down to the station onto trains and we were on our way to – as we found out – Halifax."

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