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Lt Col Clifford David Clive

Service from 1939 to 1945 and 1949 to 1957: Born in Neepawa, Manitoba in 1915, Clifford David Clive worked for Phonola Radio, in Kitchener, Ontario, before the war. He enlisted as a Sigmn and was posted to 1 Corps Sigs ( Barriefield), Kingston, Ontario,  in 1939. In 1940 he was posted to 1 Corps Sigs (O/S), Aldershot, England. He undertook wireless training at Aldershot and studied captured German wireless equipment.  In 1941, as a Sgt, he was involved in innovative ground-to-air wireless training with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Later that year, he underwent officer training in England (Oct 41 to Jun 42) and  graduated as a Lt. In Apr 43, after time spent with 1 C.S.R.U., he was posted  to 2 Cdn Inf Div Sigs, by way of  2 Cdn Corps Sigs. In Apr 44 he was posted to 1 Cdn L of C Sigs, 2 Coy, 16 Med W Sec. Following the D-Day invasion, and the subsequent capture of Cherbourg, France, he was sent to help the Americans put the French telephone system back in operation. In April, 1945, he participated in the move of a portion of the 1st  Czechoslovakian  Armoured Brigade from the area of Dunkirk, France, where the formation had been besieging the city, to Klatovy, Czechoslovakia. There he encountered members of the Russian Army and Germans who wished to surrender. He arrived back in Canada in Jul 1945 and was S.O.S. in Aug 45. Civilian life seemed quiet and adjustment was difficult. In 1949 he joined the Scots Fusiliers of Canada, a militia infantry unit converted to artillery. He attended the militia command and staff course; was promoted to lieutenant-colonel; and retired in 1957.

Adapted from his Service Record  Link and the Military Oral History collection Link

Notes from the 1 Canadian Line of Communications Signals War Diary Entries:
19 Apr 44, TOS from 2 CID Sigs, posted to 16 Med W Sec, Lt Clive
24 Apr 44, to be A/Capt, 16 Med W Sec.
29 Jun 44, disembarked France, 16 Med W.
26 Aug 44, Movement Schedule, 16 W/T, 22 pers, 6 vehs, Capt Clive.
3 Nov 44 to 4 Dec 44 attached to 21 Army Gp Sigs, Capt Clive.
2 Dec 44, visited 16 W/T det at Boulogne.
4 Dec 44, Capt with seniority from 23 Sep 44.
1 Feb 45, ceased attachment to No 1 Tank Tptr Coln (BR), wef  14 Jan 45.
4 Feb 45, OC 16 W/T Sec, visited "ROVER" det, at VALKENSWAARD, with 5 Cipher Sec pers.
31 May 45, No. 1  Repat Draft, Capt Clive, 16 W/T, 3 NETD/4 CBRBn.
9 Jun 45, Capt Clive, returned to Canada on rotation leave.
NETD, Non-Effective Transit Depot?

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