Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joseph Henry Haywood

Joseph Henry Haywood
24 July 1933 - 08 June 2012

     Joseph Henry Haywood was a Member of the Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping and was a Member of LGen R.R. Crabbe Chapter, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

     Joseph joined the Canadian Army (Regular) in May 1951 and served in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals until his release in May 1968.

     He completed a tour with the United Nations Organization in Congo (ONUC) in 1963.

     Joseph was also a member of the Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association, Royal Canadian Legion, Norwood St. Boniface Branch, Manitoba and an Honoray Member of Korea Veterans Association of Canada Inc, Tommy Prince M.M. Unit 76, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

May He Rest in Peace

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