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Corporal Ernest Augustine Stanley, MM

Corporal Ernest Augustine Stanley

Prior to and during the attack on the 19 February 1945 on the wood covering the approaches to Calcar [Moyland Wood], Corpora! Ernest Augustine Stanley was in charge of the line detachment of ‘J” Section, 3rd Canadian Infantry? Division Signals. The tactical disposition of the units required that the line communications be laid along a road which was in full view of the enemy and which ran parallel to the wood. The plan to capture this wood was intricate and to effect success, it was of paramount importance that line communications be maintained to all units under command at all times. For forty-eight hours prior to the operation, this road was under continuous mortar and heavy artillery fire and all during this time, without pause, or rest, or food, with members of his detachment being killed or wounded about him, Corporal Stanley laboured to build this line. He succeeded just prior to zero hour in completing an air line, thirty feet above the ground, and it withstood all mortaring and shelling throughout the operation, thus contributing materially to the success of the operation.

This non-commissioned officer’s matchless courage, determination and devotion to duty was an example and inspiration to all ranks of “J” Section, and his actions are worthy of the highest traditions of the Signal Corps.

For this action, Corporal Ernest Augustine Stanley received the Military Medal.

Valour in the victory campaign: the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division gallantry ... By T. Robert Fowler … page 40

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